Heathyr (garters_n_heels) wrote in static_x,

half of you won't believe me, the other half will wish they were me. which one are you?

hi! i'm new here. i haven't been a static fan very long, as a matter of fact the first time i heard them was the day i met them...my boyfriend happens to be their tour manager. but i <3 them very much. i've had them on repeat in the car for over a week now...

anyways, i just wanted to say hi and see if anyone was going to be at the shows for denver, rapid city, sioux city, fargo, or minneapolis... i'll see you there! *and i promise to post pics of the whole thing*

and keep an eye out for this guy if you're going to be going to one of the shows:

if you do happen to meet the band, tell him that heathyr says hi... he'll be very confused.
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